Zombie Apocylypse Science

History is full of stories of demons and other unearthly creatures coming to our world and wreaking havoc on society.But what does science have to say about zombies?Are these ferocious freaks plausible or scientifically accurate in any way?Should we be preparing for a zombie Apocalypse?Well,it depends on what type of zombie we are talking about.Dying and coming back from the dead?Not so likely.But a virus that induces zombie-like qualities of rage and the incessant need to eat human flesh?Hypothetically…yes.The main factor involved is finding a virus specific to the brain areas for these symptoms while leaving other areas intact.Viruses can enter the body and effect cells in many ways but we are going to be focusing on neurons.Neurons are some of the longest cells and can transport molecules and proteins across the entire body.Many viruses such as rabies take advantage of something called Retrograde Axonal Transport to travel from their entry point to where they want to be.In the case of rabies the virus can enter anywhere and slowly make its way to your brain or mental nervous system.The further it starts physically away from the brain the longer it will take to get there sometimes years.But once it’s there it’s generally too late.Many viruses follow a similar system the only difference being which neurons their specific to.This zombie virus would have to use many neurons to effect particular parts of the brain to enduce a zombie state without damaging the entire brain.Sound unlickely,well it just so happens that the Olfactory Nerve which is in your nose and used for scent leads directly to some areas of the brain that could cause zombified effects and would leave other areas of the brain intact.Specifically,it leads to the Ventromedial Hypothalamus,which tells you your full,the Amygdala,which controls emotion and memory,and the Frontal Cortex responsible for problem solving,morality and inhibiting impulsive action essentially transmission through the Olfactory Nerve could create super hungry,aggressive,brain dead beings that can’t recognize family & friends or control their own actions other than to feed.Sounds kinda like a zombie so while the picture of a rotting invincible zombie may be less than likely with the virus nerve specifisticy a zombie could be possible.Will you be ready?I hope you learned a thing or two in this text.By Kane.

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About the ogre Shrek

Once in a little swamp there lived a green and terrifying ogre. His name was  Shrek  he lived all alone and if somebody  came near him he would frighten them away super-duper fast . This ogre  looked like he was in his 30 but rely  no one new he was 43 . Did you know that this  hideous  monster  loves to eat nice , soft eyes?- don’t let him eat yours. One day this ogre was sitting in the house  having  fun eating those eyes. All of a in her CRASH!  there was  fairy tale chrichers in his house .Off he went on an advencher to save the princerss Fiona and he went with his heary and enying friend Donky. As soon as they got there they started crossing the brig. Shrek sceracht0 ” What ever you do DONT LOOK DOWN.”

“I am looking down Shrek,” wisperd Donky and off they went saving the prinsess  and soon in the story they all bcom a family and had some kids and lived happly ever after .


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Best Friends Through Whatever

It was a nice, Summer’s day in Australia, Dylan, Lily and Shenai were walking down the street on their way to the beach. They were going to get mouth-watering ice-cream and build tall sandcastles. But when they got there the tide was so far in, they were NOT going to let that stop them. Before they could get ice-cream, the surfers were running out of the ocean, it was serious. Everyone was panicking, babies were crying and the best friends were lining up for their delicious pleasure but when they turned around…………. IT WAS A TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!!!


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The Mysterious Magic

She blinked then stopped what she was doing and sat down. She didn’t know what she was doing but then she paused and fell.. on the floor. she wasn’t breathing but she was still alive . She then woke and she was in a fascinatig mysterious magic place. she spoke ” Where am i” she looked around herself a white room she was in. nothing in that room but a white camoflauged door. she opend the door and stepped through it . then she was in black room with a black camoflaughed door. she decided not to go through that door but in the end she did. when se walkd up that steep step after the dor she fell. she fell into a room that was mysterious every thign was floating it was like there was no gravity no gravity yes. she blinked once again but nothing happened. she thought she would go back home.

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Tsunami Acrostic Poem

T  errifying

S   hocking

U  ncontrollable

N   ot practical

A   mazingly dangerous

M   ysterious reason why some begin

I     loathe them

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The haunted forest

Once there was a girl called Jelica who was 10 years old.  One night she was fast asleep until BANG! She was wide a wake but what was that noise that came from the forest. Off she went creeping down the stairs and out the door to the forest . Jelica took 1 step forward towards the forest and in she ran. She got scared with all the other noises, she ran as fast as she could back home. There was something in her room but she did not  know what it was, so she ran back  to her bed and fell asleep .She woke up, she couldn’t  sleep. She was being haunted ….

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I feel strongly about bullying

I feel strongly about bullying because if you don’t tell a grown up about a bully they will keep bullying you. Bullying can be scary. Its not nice to bully people because they’re different. Don’t bully people and if you are getting bullied it’s important to tell a grown up.

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My favourite things in Y5Sc

Now where to start there has been so many educational and fun trips this year but I’m going to start off with the national glass centre where we made our very own glass work of arts. It was so fascinating learning how glass is made. Next, let’s talk about our trip to Bedes World where we learnt more about our history topic the Anglo Saxons. We saw the weapons, armour, houses, animals, food and much more- it was amazing.(some of us, including me, even acted out a Beowulf scene). After that, we have the trip to Alnwick castle and broxfield farm; it was really interesting and fun. I enjoyed it so much and the farmer Mr Thompson was so kind he even taught some of us a story after we had been around the farm. The castle was humongous and the man was so funny and still he learnt us a lot about what the people in the olden days ate and what the doctors idiotic ways of healing the patients were. Then, we have the fantastic trip to Wet ‘n’ Wild ,which we chose to go to because of our just under £160 profit from our chocolate sale. We had such a good time on the slides and swimming. Some of us even went on the fort feet drop kamikaze – it was scary for some people but I went on a lot of times. Finally, to finish of the trips, is the fabulous High Borrans residential trip for a whole school week. It was the most amazing experience ever and I got to spend it with all my friends. The waterfall that we had to climb up was beautiful but before we got there we went on an amazing nature walk following our maps. Also, we got the chance to go canoeing – we played through a series of challenges. At the end of that some of us jumped in the freezing cold lake. The caves were really fun too even though there was candle wax all over my fingers because of the candles. It got smaller and darker the deeper we went in.

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F laming

O verheating

R oaring

E mitting

S teaming

T orrid


F ierce

I tense

R apped

E vacuatin

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Galactica Part 1

In a distant future when the human race are at war with the evil cyborg army the human retsistance fought to take over one of Jupiter’s moons.Unfortuneatley,it was the ice moon Europa and its climate is really cold.Luckily,the cyborgs were weak against cold environments.But soon after the evil,mechanical cyber army gave up the only thing that could have defeated the human race.It was a material named Zonium.It was a very useful item,it would help the thrusters on the cyborgs and also it would help for armour and weapons for the humans.



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